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Welcome to the web-portal of Free and Accepted Masons of Azerbaijan. This website has been created for the purpose of helping everyone search for the truth about Azerbaijan Freemasonry. There is no secret about who we are and what we do. We are good men trying to improve our lives through faith, hope, and charity. We help our communities, fellowman, serve our country, and protect our families.

The Supreme Council

The Supreme Council

The Supreme Council of Azerbaijan established in 2017. The purpose for which the Supreme Council is formed, and the business or objects to be carried on and promoted are fraternal, social, educational and charitable. Our sole objective is to service our various communities, with a variety of programs that uplift people socially, mentally, spiritually, and economically. Charity being our goal and Love being our motive, we endeavor to make ourselves available to anyone with a need for our services.


Lodge of Perfection, Nizami #1 established in 2017 east of Baku, Azerbaijan.

The Grand Lodge

Following the establishment of Turkish speaking lodge NUR 2000,in Washington in the year 2000, it was decided to use this lodge as a base to develop the ground work for creating Freemasonry in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan was part of the old Soviet Union and following the collapse of Soviet Union , it became an independent Republic. Azerbaijan is located in the caucasus and is a Turkish speaking (Azeri) European country.

The project to establish freemasonry in Azerbaijan started with the creation of Azerbaijan Lodge No.2001 in Washington DC. The following year, The Grand Lodge of Washington DC invited the Grand Lodge of Russia to join this project and in 2002, they created the lodge Drugba (friendship) No. 24 in Moscow. In 2003, as a result of very close relationship with the Grand Lodge of Turkey through NUR Lodge 2000 , the Grand Lodge of Washington DC, decided to invite the Grand Lodge of Turkey to join this project, and Khazar Lodge no. 1000 was chartered by MWB Demir Savascin in Istanbul.

Most of the preparatory work was done by Azerbaijan Lodge during the years 2001 to 2008, and through many visits to Baku and meeting with authorities there and explaining the merits of Freemasonry, finally in 2008, positive signal was given for the go ahead. Following this development, the Grand Lodge of Washington DC created Baku Lodge No. 2008 to work locally in Baku and organize the preparation for the creation of the Grand Lodge. It should be mentioned that the Grand Lodge of Russia was of great help and support in all of our efforts to take this difficult project forward.

On December 5, 2008, a joint meeting of the Grand Masters and Grand secretaries of Grand Lodge of Washington DC, The Grand Lodge of Russia and the Grand Lodge of Turkey , and MWB Robert B Heyat, the founder of the project was convened in Paris during the annual communications of Grande Loge Nationale Francaise for the specific purpose of chartering the new National Grand Lodge of Azerbaijan.

At the completion of the meeting the charter was signed and issued and it was agreed to have the consecration in the following week on December 9 in Baku, Azerbaijan. On December 9, the organizational meeting of the National Grand Lodge of Azerbaijan was convened in Baku and MWB Robert B Heyat was installed as the first Grand Master by the Grand Masters of Russia and Washington DC. Following his installation, MWB Robert B Heyat installed his Grand Lodge officers. The next day on December 10, in the second meeting of the National Grand Lodge of Azerbaijan, new charters were issued to the founding lodges and their Worshipful Masters and officers were installed by the Grand Master.

  • Lodges

    At present four lodges are active in Azerbaijan:

    • Azerbaijan Lodge No.1
    • Drugba Lodge No. 2
    • Khazar Lodge No. 3
    • Baku Lodge No. 4

  • Memberships :

    The total membership of the National Grand Lodge of Azerbaijan stands at 102 as follows:

    • Azerbaijan Lodge: 44
    • Khazar Lodge: 15
    • Drugba Lodge: 11
    • Baku Lodge: 32

Many new candidates have been interviewed and approved by the lodges, and some of them have already been initiated. There also a large list of prospective candidates to be considered. Due to the sensitive political situation in Azerbaijan, the candidates are selected in a very careful way and after a number of interviews and long waiting time.

  • Annual Grand Communication

    2018 National Grand Lodge of Azerbaijan Annual Communication
    Event Date: ***** **, 2018 at 10:00 am.
    Event Location: Baku, Azerbaijan.
    For more details, or to register please contact to Grand Secretary.

  • Recognized Lodges

    Washington DC
    New York

    West Virginia
    New Found land
    Grand Lodge of Rhode Island
    G. Lodge of Saopaulo
    Grand Orient of Brazil
    Spirito Santo

    Russia (GLOR)
    Romania (NGLR)

    Czech Republic
    Portugal (GLRP)
    Grand Loge National Fran├žoise N.
    Grand Orient of Italy
    Greece (GLofGreece)
    United Grand Lodge of Germany
    Serbia (RGL of Serbia)

    Grand Lodge of Macedonia-July 2015
    Grand Lodge of Rhode Island -15th November 2014
    Grand Lodge of Albania (applied to NGLAZ for recognition)-January 2015
    Grand Lodge of Bosnia Hersegovina-10th June 2015
    Grand Lodge of Austria-08 September 2015
    Grand East of the Netherland (requested in November 2015)
    United Grand Lodge of Bulgaria (requested in November 2015)
    Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland (June 2016)
    Grand Lodge of India ( June 2009)
    Grand Lodge of Malta (recognized NGLAZ still not received letter)
    Grand lodge of Ukraine (in july received email about recognition, letter to NGLAz not sent yet)
    Grand lodge of Kazakhstan (recognized by NGLAZ in July 2017based on request of GLK)



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